Analyzing Project 5 Examples

This is the post for the November 11, 2014 class meeting. Today is Veterans Day.

Today, I have some tips for you and examples for the project you are working on. Peer review is on Thursday the 13th and the Project is due on Tuesday the 18th. The grace period ends Tuesday, December 2.

Class Work for November 6

These are the tasks to complete for today’s work:

  • Review Scholar how-to’s.
  • Check your forum posts to make sure you are making progress.
  • Read and discuss examples for Project 5.
  • Go over a few FAQs about the project.

Scholar How-To’s

Never open Scholar in more than one tab or browser window. Scholar will overwrite or lose the data in your tabs. If you want to have access to something you wrote for another project, copy that information and paste it into a Google Doc or another word processor window. You risk losing everything you have written when you open more than one tab for Scholar.

Projects 2 and 3 are graded in Scholar. Check this FAQ for details on how to find any comments I left for you: How do I find feedback on my Assignments in Scholar?

Another Reminder about Forum Posts & Participation Grade

Be sure you are where you want to be for the Forum Posts and Participation portion of your grade, which is worth 16% of your overall course grade.

Analyzing a Project 5 Example

I have posted some examples for Project 5, written by students who took the course during the summer. Read through them and think about your drafts for the project. Go to the Analyzing P5 Examples topic in the forums and use the questions there to talk about how the examples compare to the work you are doing for Project 5.

News Anchor Project

Construction Project Engineer

Some Project 5 FAQs

Do we have to choose a STEM career since the assignment is for students interested in those careers? 
Use whatever career you are planning on for yourself. We’ll assume a very wide definition of STEM.

Do I have to use the same career choice that I used for other projects this term?
No, you can focus more (e.g., Web Developer instead of Computer Science) or choose something else if you wish.

Does it have to be exactly 500 words?
It’s hard to say precisely how many words you will need since I do not know how you might incorporate headings or images. The best advice is to use your space wisely by trying for one of these lengths:

  • Fill up one sheet of paper with words and images.
  • Fill up a page and a half with words and images.
  • Fill up two pages with words and images.

Essentially, create a nice looking sheet of information, and worry more about making it look nice on the page than about the precise number of words.